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Strange as it may seem and just like the preacher has always said, "You are the church, not the building".  So until we can meet again at Himley Road, then church is where you are now.  If you have an internet connection, then you are blessed with more virtual church options than you could ever imagine.  Most are streamed live at normal sunday service times, but if you miss them for whatever reason you can watch the same broadcast later.

Himley Road is using Zoom to host a service for our fellowship every other Sunday at 9.45am and also a midweek fellowship meeting at 7.30pm every other Wednesday.  Look out for the emails from Jeremy inviting you to these events.  If you haven't heard from Jeremy and would like the connection details please email us on

The circuit is focussing its live and recorded broadcasts using the Upper Gornal Facebook Site, search for UGMC LIVESTREAM and click the join button.  Tim Coles, Camilla and Bill Caldwell are sharing videos, and other teaching as well as live sunday services.  If you are not already a Facebook user then you will have to join Facebook to access these resources.  You dont have to be facebook friends with anyone or join any other groups you dont want to, you can just use it for this purpose.  UGMC also has a Youtube page showing its content so you can use this rather than Facebook if you prefer.

Himley Road also has a Facebook Page search HIMLEY ROAD METHODIST CHURCH GORNAL but we are not streaming any live services on Facebook.

The Methodist Church are streaming services from a number of their churches on You Tube which you can find either on their main site or via these links:

The Methodist Church 

Wesleys Chapel - London - Sundays 11:00am  Also Morning Prayers Mon-Fri 10:am

Swan Bank Methodist - Burslem - Sundays 10:30am

Methodist Central Hall - Westminster - Sundays 11:00am

Many other churches locally will be providing an online message try searching on google or YouTube for "church live streaming near me"

If you look on the bottom of the Home Page for this site you will see some small icons you can click to connect to UCB thought for the day, or to Listen to UCB radio or to watch UCB player videos or TV - try it

If you dont have an internet connection at the moment then I'm not sure how you are reading this but Jeremy, our Stewards and others will be doing their best to get you printed news letters and Connects and keeping in touch over the phone.

If you have any Pastoral needs then Rev. Gordon Morton is available via email or 01952 640079

If you or anyone you know is struggling in any way, please contact your pastoral leader or someone who can get a message to one of the church leaders and help will be given. Please stay safe and may God bless and keep you and those you love in his care.