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Early in the pandemic we were asked if we could help the family of one of our smile group 
from the Smile group members. Her family in the Philippines are undergoing great hardship caused by
Covid-19 and we were asked to help. We sent a gift and this was gratefully received and the
money went a long way to buying essential foodstuffs. This week I received this email and
Have spoken to Annabelle, who expressed her gratitude for our help.

Hi di this is annabelle, Chris' wife.  Thank you very much for the money you donated for our
fundraising and the church too. It was very big help for my father, my families, relatives and
neighbors. I brought my father some medicine, evaporated milk, powder milk, pain reliever and coffee.
He sent his gratitude of your kindness and the people who helps us to be successful our fundraising.

I raised £100 too to buy essential good to my fellow pilipino. I am going to send you some pictures. I
made a list to people who were going to receive the goods. Some who weren't in the list came to my
sister in-law house begging for mercy. They dont have food to eat and no work because of the
pandemic. I feel very sad. How I wish I could do more. Thank  you again.