Roger Hides

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Let’s begin by getting to know each other a little. Actually, some of you know me and my family already, as we lived in Sedgley for nine years, from 2004 – 2013, when I was a minister in the Bilston Circuit, and then the Wolverhampton Circuit. I’m married to Sara (a Methodist Deacon), and we have 3 sons: Gareth (now a Baptist minister) – married to Sarah – they have 2 children: Jemimah (now 4 1⁄2) and Elijah (3 1⁄2 weeks); Owen who lives in Kent and works as an accountant for a shipping company; and Huw, who lives
outside Exeter and manages a YMCA project in Collumpton.


Alongside my role in G & S, which will be half-time, I have another half-time post in the Shropshire & Marches Circuit; Sara & I live in the manse in Knighton, Powys. I will continue to live here, but will travel over to Gornal on a regular basis.

I was born and brought up in Leicester, in a Methodist family; I came to faith there when I was 14. I went to Birmingham University and studied medical biochemistry – which for me is less significant than the fact that I was part of MethSoc and the Christian Union. (I have forgotten all of the medical biochemistry I once pretended to know!). I moved to London, where for 6 years I worked for a firm of chartered accountants, qualifying as an ACA. Sara and I met while she was a student at Southlands College; we married in 1984, and we moved to Cambridge where for 3 years I studied at Wesley House to become a Methodist Minister.

We served in the Prestwich & Whitefield Circuit in North Manchester, then moved to the Mid Glamorgan Mission where, after a year, I became Superintendent. Following that we moved out to Canada, where I was a minister in the United Church of Canada for 7 years. We returned to the U.K. in 2004, which is when we started living in Sedgley, and met some of you. (During that time Sara trained at Queens in Birmingham, became a Deacon, and started in the West Bromwich Circuit, where she served for 5 years.) Then to Aberystwyth, where I was Superintendent of the Ceredigion Circuit, and Sara worked as Chaplain at the MHA dementia care home there. She resigned from that post, and offered to go back into Circuit; she was posted to a half-time appointment in the Shropshire & Marches Circuit, with a manse in Knighton. I moved to join her in summer 2020.

I love music (performing it and writing it), and often bring my ‘cello with me to worship. I long to see God’s people excited about what He is doing, and I look forward to working alongside you.

God bless,

Roger (Hides)