The Worship Group

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Music is one of those beautiful gifts that God gives us to worship Him and express and solidify our own emotions.

We do sing and listen to music each week, praising God for His blessings and pouring out our hearts to seek His presence.

Each service begins with worship music led by our group which usually consists of piano, guitars, drums, flute and singers.  At other points in the service we also sing the old, familiar hymns that many of us grew up singing in church, on the Organ, if our Organist is available, trying to keep a balance in our music and realizing that people have different tastes and that no one particular style of music is more “holy” than another. We just try to be intentional in praising God regardless of the musical style.  


The group play at every Sunday morning service and some evening services.  Songs are chosen by either the Preacher or the Worship Leader mainly from the Songs of Fellowship series.

Group members rotate as their availablity allows and new members are always welcome.  If you have a singing or musical talent of any kind or a technical/audio talent that you feel called to share then please let us know.